"Clay target shooting" or "Shotgun shooting" includes many sports disciplines. All types of trap shooting imitate hunting shooting - shooting at flying birds. For many centuries hunting as a leisure has been a rather expensive pleasure, and not everyone can afford such hobby. This concept was organically transferred to concept of clay pigeon shooting. Nevertheless, this sport is surprisingly popular in many countries.

Other types of trap shooting, although not Olympic, attract more fans. These are Sporting ("Parcours de Chasse"), Compak Sporting ("Sporting Compak®") and English Sporting (Sporting). The reason for such an interest in these types of clay pigeon shooting is obvious: there is no strict regulation of target flight in the rules, on the contrary, the more options the better. The terrain, vegetation (forest, bush, etc.) is used, different types of targets are used in shape, color and flight, different flight speeds and distances are used, different combinations of doublets are used - all this makes every shot, every training session and every competition unique. ...

At our shooting range, we offer those who wish the opportunity to learn and train in various types of clay target shooting.

RIGA SHOOTING CENTER has 4 shooting grounds equipped as Sporting Compact. Here you can shoot such disciplines as: Compak Sporting, Skeet, olimpic trap, american trap, double trap.
Each site of Compak Sporting has at least 6 throwing machines, including special ones - Rabbit, Midi-90 mm, Battue and Mini-60 mm. Two cars are located on a tower with a height range from 10 to 22 meters above the platform level.


clay target shooting