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Competition dedicated to the National Holiday of November 18

Date and Time:   19 of November (sunday)Riga, shooting range „RIGA SHOOTING CENTER”


50 targets –Sportrap


50 targets – Compak Sporting

Competitions starts: 09:30

Important rules for SPORTRAP discipline:

Shooting programm.

5 trap machines are used for shooting, each shooting position has the following program: one single target, one double "double on report" and 1 "simultaneous double", the targets on the shooting position are not repeated, i.e. all 5 machines are used.
one squad = 5 shooters.

The first shooter in the list starts shooting from the first position, when changing places, the first shooter in the squad moves to the second position, this shooter starts shooting first in the second position, respectively, the fifth shooter, moving from the 5th position to the 1st, shoots fifth, at the next shooting position changes, the team's first shooter also starts shooting in the 3rd position, etc.

When moving to the second layout after the first round, there is no rotation in the squad, it means that the first shooter in the squad, who is in the first position in all other fields, remains first.

Participants:  Latvian athlets and foreign athlets. 

Athletes participate in 5 categories: OPEN, Junior, Lady, Senior.

COMPAK SPORTING discipline takes place according to FITASC rules.

Entry fee

100 targets (50 targets Sportrap, 50 targets compak sporting) - 45 EUR;

Junior - 30 EUR

 Participation in the competition can only be paid by bank transfer!

Biedrība Latvijas Sportinga Federācija
reģ.nr. 40008062988
maksājuma mērķis: par dalību 18.novembrim veltītas sacensības


Prizes are awarded to participants with the 3 best results in each category.

In case of equal results, the winner will be determined after additional shooting - "shoot-off" according to F.I.T.A.S.C rules.

Application:  until 17 of November, registration www.sporting.lv